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7 Positive Stories from This Week in Classical Music

Conrad Tao plays piano while Caleb Teicher tap dances
New York Philharmonic
Conrad Tao plays piano while Caleb Teicher tap dances

Music has an incredible power to unite and inspire us. The stories in this week's link roundup highlight ways music tranforms us -- and ways we transform music in return.

1. What does it sound like to be a part of a symphony orchestra? This new Virtual Reality program puts you right at the center of a Philharmonia Orchestra performance of a Mahler or Beethoven symphony. 

2. Luthier Hans Benning and his grandson built this incredible miniature house and workshop inside a violin: 

View this post on Instagram Hans Benning and his grandson crafted this piece of art, complete with lighting and its own violin workshop. @benningviolins #luthier #violinmaker #violin #viola #cello #bass A post shared by Strings Magazine (@stringsmagazine) on Sep 29, 2018 at 7:35pm PDT

3. Watch dancer Caleb Teicher tap his way through Bach's "Goldberg Variations," played beautifully by Conrad Tao:

4. Here's a list of the most spine-tingling moments in classical music.

5. Music can have amazing benefits, especially for people with mental illnesses. This orchestra takes music therapy to a new level.

6. 1,000 singers convene at the High Line in New York City at 7pm each evening, for a mile-long public opera that blurs the boundaries between art and artist. (By the way, the music is composed by Pulitzer-winner David Lang, whose "Little Match Girl Passion" will be the first installment of our second Pindrop Sessions season with Aeronaut Brewery this Sunday.)

Can't make it to NYC? There are 360-degree videos available on their website.

7. It takes a lot to turn Mozart's classic "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" on its head, but this duo did it: here's "A Little Night Music" in 6 different styles of folk music.

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.