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Elton John is the REAL Gift This Holiday Season

Elton John at the piano
Elton John at the piano

From heart-warming holiday ads to handcrafted bagpipes, this link roundup has it all. ¡Vámonos!

1. Weird Al is going on tour in 2019 - and he's bringing a full symphony orchestra with him.

2. A new play about Brookline, MA resident Roland Hayes's rise to classical music stardom is coming to town! Hayes, the first African American to sing with the Boston Symphony and to record a classical music LP, has a fascinating story, and you can see a free preview of the play on November 18.

3.. Whether or not it actually makes you smarter, we can all agree that classical music is good for you. According to a recent Spanish arrest report, it might be good for marijuana, too. Five people were arrested for growing over 2,000 marijuana plants, cultivated with the help of a 24-hour stream of classical music, which the unfortunate traffickers believed would produce a higher-quality product. No word yet on whether it worked.

4. Visit the New Hampshire workshop that's breaking in to a surprisingly competitive international market: handcrafted bagpipes.

5. Dale Henderson, the founder of "Bach in the Subways," writes about #Bach333 -- a birthday celebration spanning 5 days and 3 continents.

6. When is a gift not just a gift? That's what this video about the power of music lessons, titled "The Boy and the Piano," asks and answers.

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.