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Is this Reddit User Being Cursed by Dvorák?

It's 2019! Take a breath and start the new year on the right foot -- by which we mean, get caught up on all the best classical music stories of the week, of course!

1. Writer Jennifer Weiner reflects on how playing piano -- badly -- is the most meditative way to spend her time.

2. This arrangement of Liszt's "Un Sospiro" for vibraphone is simply mesmerizing:

3. The Cleveland Orchestra is in the process of digitizing their entire archive collection, and you can view it online -- for free. Check it out here.

4. For the past 20 years, violinist Rachel Barton Pine has been on a mission: to catalog and make accessible  classical music by black composers

5. Here's a fascinating long read (and listen) for your weekend: the 200-year-long history of Scottish fiddle and classical violin.

6. Reddit user augmented6th asks: since it's 2019, what are your favorite Opus 19s?

7. One more from Reddit, because it's so wild: 

8. And finally, clocking in right under the wire at the end of December, our favorite collab of 2018: TwoSet Violin and Hilary Hahn.

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.