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This Viola Concerto Contains a Primal Scream

Antoine Tamestit screams during Widmann's Viola Concerto with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony
Antoine Tamestit screams during Widmann's Viola Concerto with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony

Visit the Met's new musical instrument exhibit, hear the Choir With No Name, take violin lessons from Nicola Benedetti, and more -- all in this week's link roundup.

1. They've played over 300 concerts worldwide, just relased their 4th album, and most of their instruments don't even last through an entire performance. The latest in vegetable orchestras (yep) comes from Vienna (of course). Here's the video for their successfully-"krautfunded" recording:

2. Does classical music really help us be more productive? Maybe not, but a new study shows that it might help alleviate symptoms of depression.

3. A new exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York showcases instruments that span centuries of music history, from a huge variety of musical traditions. Can't make it to NY? Check out these pictures to get a sense of it all.

4. The Choir With No Name gives a voice to people who find themselves on the margins of society -- whether that means they have experienced homelessness, suffered from mental illness, or dealt with addiction.


5. Interested in the benefits of meditation, but silence isn't your style? Tibetan Buddhist teacher Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche demonstrates how to meditate to classical music.

6. New government data show that arts organizations contribute more to the US economy than the military or even agriculture, so if you were looking for concrete, numbers-based proof that we should be funding the arts, this is it.

7. Violinist Nicola Benedetti is releasing a new educational video series for young musicians! Here's the first in the series: 

8. The ClassicalMemes subreddit alerted us to this video, and, well, it sure is something (the whole thing is great, but we especially recommend starting around 18:45):


9. Have you ever wanted to see a series of soccer goals set to a soundtrack of Tchaikovsky? You're in luck:

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.