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Kids in Cleveland Learn Classical because of Lil Nas X

Also in this link roundup: a lioness gets a serenade, a textbook math question has a Beethoven problem, and the Philadelphia Orchestra gets sorted. Onward!

1. Last weekend, a blackout in New York City canceled a concert at Carnegie Hall -- but that didn't stop the kids who were meant to perform. They took to the streets and gave a moving concert outside for the passers-by.

2. Meet Philomena Thumboochetty, the Indian violinist who took 1930s Paris by storm.

3. Ever wondered what a 7-foot gong sounds like? Wonder no longer:

4. A new exhibit at the Met Breuer in New York City plays with the hidden sounds in 32 items from the museum's collection. It's called the 'Vessel Orchestra' - see and hear it in action here.

5. Whatever your thoughts are on the "FaceApp Challenge" that went viral on Twitter this week, there's no arguing that the results are... a little horrifying. Our friends at ClassicFM tried it on composers, and the results are exactly as bad as you'd expect

6. When you're a millenial and a Harry Potter fan, like me, this is very exciting news: members of the Philadelphia Orchestra recently took a sorting test to find out what Hogwarts house they'd be in!

7. This star countertenor has another unbelievable talent: breakdancing! He spoke to the New Yorker about his background, baroque music, and, of course, dancing.

8. NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour went to the opera! Hear what they thought of the Met's "Rigoletto."

9. Oops: 

10. Next time you decide to try serenading an animal at the zoo, maybe... don't. Watch this violinist attempt to soothe a supremely unimpressed lioness:

11. In Cleveland, Lil Nas X's mega-hit "Old Town Road" is inspiring children to learn classical guitar, thanks to an initiative that uses hip hop as a vehicle to make learning music cool.  


Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.