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Black Violin's New Single Will Have You Showing Off Your Moves

Black Violin, in their video for "Showoff"
Black Violin
Black Violin, in their video for "Showoff"

It's moving weekend in Boston (sorry to remind you)! Crack open an Allston X-mas beer or a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice, and relax for a minute with more music stories than can fit in the back of your U-haul.  

1. This very, very smart article asks: what can classical music learn from "Old Town Road?"

2. What would happen if Beethoven had written music for middle eastern instruments? Well, this, for starters:

3. Conductor Daniel Harding's next career move? Flying planes, for Air France. Here's why.

4. Why does your new washing machine play the Trout Quintet to let you know it's finished? If you've installed a major appliance recently, you might have noticed it singing to you instead of beeping. Turns out there's a reason

5. Ah, the eternal joy of the classical cover song. This masked cellist covers Slipknot's "Devil In I":

6. Film composer Carter Burwell explains the lingo of his profession, including terms like "Mickey Mousing," "Temp music," and "ironic scoring." Listen:

7. Organist Cameron Carpenter is flashy, wildly talented, and yes, a little bit controversial. Read his thoughts on his packed tour schedule and the future of the digital organ.

8. Black Violin, known for their inventive classical/hip hop music, have a new album coming out this fall! Watch the music video they just released:

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.