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Björn Borg's Workout Symphony is Designed to Make You Smarter

"The World’s Smartest Workout Song" -- Björn Borg
"The World’s Smartest Workout Song" -- Björn Borg";s

The tennis star's classical music venture, plus some ancient rock music, whale song, a Star Wars droid orchestra, and, seriously, so much more. 

1. Just like human composers, humpback whales learn new songs as they travel, research shows! Scientists transcribed whale songs to categorize their regions of origin and their purposes. 

2. Can artificial intelligence write a symphony as good as one by Mahler

3. LEGO. Star Wars. Droid. Orchestra.

4. We seriously cannot stop watching this video:

5. What should you cook when you're listening to classical music? Nashville Public Radio has a few ideas.

6. Step behind the curtain at the Paris Opera, with the New York Times.

7. Tennis star Björn Borg produced a workout symphony that is designed to make you smarter. I'll say that again in case you didn't process it all, because, yeah, it's a lot of information in one sentence: Björn Borg's workout symphony is supposed to make you smarter. Hear it now:

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.