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Pianist Captures Concert Hall Ghost On Film

Paramount Theatre, Austin, TX
John Rogers
Paramount Theatre, Austin, TX

Chad Lawson faces his fears. Plus, the entire Ring Cycle in two and a half minutes, Johnny Greenwood's new classical music venture, and newly-discovered letters by Clara Schumann! It's time for WCRB's link roundup.

1. Recently discovered in the Philadelphia Orchestra Archives: letters written by none other than the great Clara Schumann

2. Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood is launching a claassical music record label called "Octatonic." The first recordings feature a Greenwood original -- and some Bach, of course.

3. An oldie, but a goodie: Wagner's 15-hour Ring Cycle, in 2.5 minutes.

4. For Shostakovich's birthday (September 25), here he is holding a pig.

For Shostakovich birthday, here he is holding a pig from r/classicalmusic

5. Milan Fashion Week hit a high note with high-fashion takes on mandolins, guitars, and violins.

6. Spend one minute with a musician in Boston today -- it just might change your life. 

7. Speaking of Boston musicians: Fenway Park's organist, Josh Kantor, has an amazing job, and he's amazing at it. 

8. Pianist Chad Lawson was rehearsing for a concert at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, TX, when he captured a ghost on film. See for yourself:

View this post on Instagram For anyone raising an eyebrow of my previous post, these are the 3 quick-tap photos taken in quick succession. For what it’s worth. A post shared bychad lawson(@chadlawsonpiano) on Sep 16, 2019 at 6:13am PDT

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.