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Animals Sing Arias in Animated Short, "Maestro"

Plus, maybe you could be the next owner of a million-dollar Mozart portrait. These stories and more in our latest roundup!

1. An oldie, but a goodie: Mozart, with a twist.

2. A body language expert studies the nonverbal ways conductors communicate with their orchestras, like in this incredible video of Leonard Bernstein conducting Haydn:

3. Conductor Ofentse Pitse is the first black South African woman to found and lead an all-black orchestra, called Anchored Sound.

Her vision for the orchestra is that they contribute in shedding light on African composers and propel each other and other young black youth to excellence. “I’m a believer in the black narrative and a believer in the black child.”

4. Have a few spare millions lying around? A rare portrait of Mozart as a teenager is going to auction on November 27.

5. A gift of a violin for every student -- from Andrew Lloyd Weber, no less -- has transformed an underserved London middle school.

“I went to the school, and in many cases, a violin was the first thing that these kids had actually owned. The music literally turned the school around, and within four years they got their first scholarship to Oxford.”

6. Writing music for open-world video games presents unique challenges. Inon Zur, who composed the music for the Fallout games, among others, describes his process, and explains what he likes about writing for games.

7. After an injury ended his hopes of pursuing track and field at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh,this student turned to his second love: piano. Now he's a YouTube star.

8. Animals sing Bellini in this animated short:","_id":"00000179-7a7e-d283-a17b-7afe80380003","_type":"035d81d3-5be2-3ed2-bc8a-6da208e0d9e2"}">">","_id":"00000179-7a7e-d283-a17b-7afe80380003","_type":"035d81d3-5be2-3ed2-bc8a-6da208e0d9e2"}">

...and here's how it was made:","_id":"00000179-7a7e-d283-a17b-7afe80380005","_type":"035d81d3-5be2-3ed2-bc8a-6da208e0d9e2"}">">","_id":"00000179-7a7e-d283-a17b-7afe80380005","_type":"035d81d3-5be2-3ed2-bc8a-6da208e0d9e2"}">

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.