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Luthier Spends Lockdown Making Perfect, Tiny Violins

Violins lined up in order of size, from smallest to largest
Westminster Suzuki Violins for The Patch
Playable violin sizes

This week, in our roundup of the best stories from around the classical music internet, tiny violins! Plus a concert for potted plants, an illustrated adventure for kids, and the Boston Typewriter Orchestra. 

1. In a post-COVID world, what will socially-distanced concerts look like? The New York Times has some thoughts on what music we might hear when concert halls open back up again (and no, Mahler's "Symphony of a Thousand" isn't one of them).

2. Or perhaps halls will go the route of this Spanish opera house, which is reopening... to an audience of potted plants.

3. Here's an interview with radio host and musician Garrett McQueen, who also hosts the podcast Trilloquy:

If you break it down, in the history of America, Black people have never had the opportunity to exist outside the punishments connected to white supremacy. We're just trying to exist. My charge is to create that space in classical music. So that's what I'm trying to do.

4. The Boston Typewriter Orchestra is exactly what it sounds like. Hear their brand-new song:

5. Today is Juneteenth -- here are some listening recommendations from Michael Zwiebach at the San Francisco Classical Voice.

6. Steinway & Sons presents "Sammy Snake's Lucky Day"! Set to music by Beethoven, it's an illustrated adventure for kids:

7. A German violin maker has been spending quarantine building perfect, miniature violins.

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Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.