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We're Afraid of "The Rite of Teletubbies"

Stravinsky, as the baby in the sun from the iconic "Teletubbies" intro sequence
Stravinsky, as the baby in the sun from the iconic "Teletubbies" intro sequence

Here's a juicy roundup of fun and interesting classical music stories from the past few weeks! Our newest nightmare, a couple of animals playing piano, and the latest in accessible music tech, all ahead.

1. Summer is perfect for cracking open a mind-bending mystery novel. Here's a list of six mysteries that also feature classical music

2. This isn't new, but it is very important: this horse loves playing the piano!!

3. However, this is new: a cat who, quite literally, sings (and plays!) for his supper.

4. HBO's new "Lovecraft County" is the first series to be scored from beginning to end by an online orchestra -- 30 musicians working from their own homes, edited together into a "gothic, orchestral, R&B" soundtrack. 

5. As we continue to reckon with the coronavirus's impact on the music world, some fans are turning to virtual music festivals as a way to connect with one another. One such festival recently took place inside the online video game Minecraft:

6. Interested in Chopin, but no clue where to start with his music? The Guardian has a guide for you!

7. Sure, you might've heard a Mozart symphony or two, but have you ever heard one played by... a one-man orchestra? Now you can:

8. What does John Cage's 4'33" have to teach us about mindfulness? A lot, it turns out.

9. Kyungho Jeon is a percussionist. He's also blind. A new high-tech baton makes it possible for him to feel the conductor's movements.

10. Perhaps you've heard of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's latest hit, WAP? (Warning for explicit lyrics.) This virtuosic violin cover, by Ezinma, is simply the best thing we've heard this week:

By the way, Ezinma's first original single, "Beethoven Pleads the Fifth," will be out on August 28. Can't wait!

11. Stravinsky plus the Teletubbies is... basically the most terrifying combination we've ever seen. Suffer with us:

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.