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New Mozart Discovery Premieres in Salzburg

Portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on a blue background
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Yes, you heard us right: new Mozart just dropped, unveiled on the composer's 265th birthday this Wednesday. Also, a sea shanty deep dive (ha), the collision of worlds between fashion and classical music, and more! 

1. If you're a person at least peripherally on the internet, you probably spent some of January thinking about sea shanties. We're excited about any trend that involves people enjoying music together, but we also had one question: are sea shanties considered classical music? Our friends at Colorado Public Radio investigate.

2. Was yours one of the 82 million households that tuned in to Netflix's hit series, "Bridgerton," this month? The show's popularity is also inspiring interest in classical covers of pop songs -- like the ones recorded by the Vitamin String Quartet, whose streaming numbers have tripledsince "Bridgerton" came out.

3. From the BBC Music Magazine, here's a look at the enduring relationship between the world of fashion and the world of classical music.

4. An incredible new project from our friends at Boston Baroque: the Resource Library, a digital archive of performance resources for over 30 composers and 235 musical works. There are program notes, complete performance histories, orchestration charts, and more -- click around and learn something new!

5. Ok, this one I saved for last because it's really, really exiting. Are you ready?

New music by Mozart just dropped. (!!!)

A recently-discovered piece by Mozart was premiered Wednesday by pianist Seong-Jin Cho at the Salzburg Mozarteum. Take a listen:

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.