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Yo-Yo Ma is Healing the World with Music

Screenshot of "See Me: A Global Concert | Davos Agenda 2021"
Yo-Yo Ma

Hear his latest soul-soothing performance in a concert for the World Economic Forum's Davos 2021. Also, check out a couple of wild spins on Beethoven, a symphonic gong that might be bigger than you, and more, all ahead!

1. It's no easy feat to move an entire orchestra halfway around the world. But for Guido Frackers, president of TravTours, an orchestra tour is just another day at the office. Here's a fascinating interview with him about the ways his job has changed during the pandemic, and don't worry -- he has a couple of wild stories to tell about the musicians and conductors who hire him, too.

2. Test yourself: is this a Drake song, or a piece by 16th Century composer John Dowland? It's harder than it looks.

3. Los Azulejos put a flamenco twist on Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata:

4. And speaking of twists on Beethoven... here's an unspeakably awesome jump rope routine by Loïc Mahy:

5. Looking for a way to spice up your workout playlist? Try a little classical music!

6. This violin cover of Van Halen's "Eruption" will rock your world:

7. TikTok-famous "Viola Mom" -- also known as New York Philharmonic associate principal violist Rebecca Young -- spoke with the Boston Globe about her newfound viral stardom.

8. Thought I forgot about the upcoming Leonard Bernstein biopic, "Maestro"? Think again. Sources say it begins production in April.

9. This 80-inch symphonic gong sounds like something out of a horror movie:

10. Lately it feels like every week, cellist Yo-Yo Ma is somewhere out in the world doing something wonderful. Here's a lovely piece from the Boston Globe about Ma and "music's power to honor grief, catalyze hope, and connect us across isolation."

Read that, then watch him play Bach on a beach for the World Economic Forum's 2021 opening concert.

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.