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Piano Concertos You Love

A rose on a piano keyboard
David Brooke Martin via Unsplash
A rose on a piano keyboard

What's more romantic than a great piano concerto? A few weeks ago, you voted for your favorites, and we played the top 10 throughout Valentine's Day weekend. Here are the results!

Infographic that reads "Top 10 Piano Concertos You Love: 10. Rachmaninoff 3, 9. Mozart 21, 8. Chopin 1, 7. Beethoven 4, 6. Beethoven 3, 5. Schumann, 4. Grieg, 3. Tchaikovsky 1, 2. Rachmaninoff 2, 1. Beethoven 5"

Listen to all 10, along with the rest of the list you voted on, in this playlist:

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.