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Play as a Violin Virtuoso in Award-Winning Video Game "Symphonia"

Image from "Symphonia"
Symphonia The Game
Image from "Symphonia"

The main character, Philemon, plays a soundtrack inspired by Romantic-era music as they navigate and illuminate the world. Also in this roundup: the world's largest wind instrument, a violin made of car parts, and more!

1. The world's largest wind instrument won't fit on any stage, or in any hall. That's because... it's San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge! Musician Nate Mercereau recorded a series of duets with the bridge's strange kazoo-like hum as a backing track:

2. Italian artist Livio De Marchi, known for building boats that resemble non-boat objects like high-heeled shoes, paper hats, and old-fashioned cars, is embarking on his next project: a 12-meter-long violin that he plans to float along the Venetian canals.

3. Pop star Billie Eilish and the Los Angeles Philharmonic are partnering for a concert that will air on Disney+ to celebrate her new album, Happier than Ever.

4. In 1972, Irish fiddler Paddy Moran built a violin... out of car parts. Here's how it sounded:

6. Researchers have discovered that when mockingbirds sing, they aren't just making random noises — they're composing, in a process not unlike the way humans write music.

5. In "Symphonia," a new video game developed by students at ISART Digital Paris, the main character is a violin virtuoso who uses their violin and bow to navigate and illuminate the world. Watch the trailer, and find out more here.