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Modern Drum Beats Make Classical Music Rock

A drum set in the foreground, with the drummer out of frame. Only their hands holding drumsticks are visible.
Josh Sorenson

Percussionist Patrick Santos adds his own spin to classical favorites, in our latest roundup.

1. What exactly does a recording engineer do? Engineer Simon Eadon has been recording classical music since the '70s — read an interview with him about how technology, and his entire profession, has changed during that time.

2. Studio Ghibli's movies are known for more than just beautiful animation and poignant stories. They're also full of gorgeous music that has inspired covers by musicians worldwide. Watch these theremin and glass harp players cover the theme from "Howl's Moving Castle":

3. In an interview for Van Magazine, composer Missy Mazzoli spoke about her past year writing music, her late teacher Louis Andriessen, and learning to be a death doula. Read it here.

4. This week's awe-inspiring Twitter thread: Ryan Reynolds as choral music books.

5. Ever wondered what your favorite classical piece would sound like with a sick drum beat throughout? Thanks to percussionist Patrick Santos, wonder no longer.

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.