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The Music Isn't Sappy, but the Players Kind of Are

Sun shines through vibrant green leaves on two trees in a grove.
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Four trees in Boston give a recital every Sunday. Also in this roundup, a conductor finds a little time to give birth between opera performances, and a trumpeter’s weird experiment with jello... well, you'll see.

1. Some humans are just too clever to let the Zoom box phenomenon keep their creativity down. Like Cremaine Booker (That Cello Guy), who is principal cellist with the Nashville Philharmonic and the Jackson Symphony, and who recently toured with the Hip Hop/Classical group Black Violin. Check out this video where he divides himself into twelve equal parts to make Fauré’s Pavane a beautiful reality.

2. I don’t even want to know what made this trumpeter think of doing this…

3. She conducted an opera five days before giving birth, and then did it again three days after. It’s all in a week’s work for Lidaya Yankovskaya.

4. And speaking of amazing women with batons, check out this new documentary about Marin Alsop, the first woman to lead a major American orchestra:

5. People have been playing music for their plants since the The Secret Life of Plants was published in the ‘70’s. Now, four trees in Boston are returning the favor by “singing” for their humans. A quartet of trees (three white oaks and a maple) has become a Seaport attraction, with each tree using its biorhythms to play an instrument. And you can catch them in concert every Sunday at noon.

Cathy Fuller is a Host and Producer for CRB.