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Choral Perfection and a Haunting Handsaw at the Red Sox

Caroline McCaskey plays the National Anthem on a bowed handsaw
Screenshot from YouTube
H&H at Fenway Park

Also in this roundup: an all-women orchestra in Colombia, a follow-up on the auction of a very romantic violin, and a chorister's hilarious reaction to teaching a toy koala how to sing Mozart.

1. When one of the singers from Denmark’s Herning Boys Choir was browsing in a Sydney souvenir shop, he couldn’t resist offering a little bit of Mozart’s Requiem to a toy koala. The terrifying Confutatis Maledictis has never been so, um, not terrifying:

2. Last month I gave you a heads up about the June 9th auction of a very special Stradivarius violin that was owned and played by Toscha Seidel. The luscious tone he coaxed from it helped to define the sound of romance in Hollywood films. Well, the auction’s over, and here’s an update on what the “da Vinci, ex-Seidel” finally went for:

Tarisio Auction ex-Seidel

3. ICYMI, here's the story from The World about the incredible, game-changing, all-women orchestra in Bogotá, Colombia.

Columbia women's orchestra.jpg
Manuel Rueda/The World
The Bogota Philharmonic Women’s Orchestra gets ready for a show at the Jorge Eliecer Gaitan theater in Bogotá, Colombia, June 1.

4. There’s nothing like the thrill of being in a major league ballpark just before game time. The Star-Spangled Banner is a big part of pregame tradition, and the Red Sox have recently heard some jaw-dropping performances. When they were in Oakland this month, Caroline McCaskey did the anthem on a handsaw! She takes the cake for the eeriest and most thoroughly hypnotic rendition:

Caroline McCaskey just played the U.S. national anthem with a saw…

And the members of the Handel and Haydn Society Chorus and Youth Choruses take another cake for the most pure, perfect, and elevated version of the anthem. And that’s thanks in no small part to the gorgeous contralto voice of CRB host Emily Marvosh!

And guess who got to throw out the first pitch?

H+H at Fenway Park

Cathy Fuller is a Host and Producer for CRB.