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Brooklyn Rider's "Healing Modes"

Brooklyn Rider
Shervin Lainez
Opus 3 Artists
Brooklyn Rider

One of today's most adventursome and compelling string quartets draws together emotionally powerful works by Caroline Shaw, Gabriela Lena Frank, and Beethoven in Idagio's Global Concert Hall.Purchase tickets

As Beethoven emerged from some of his most desperate struggles, he wrote his Opus 132 String Quartet, including within it a movement he entitled, "Holy Song of Thanksgiving From a Convalescent to the Deity." Through it, the composer expresses the pain he had endured and its psychic cost, as well as a sort of spiritual reconciliation afterwards.

Brooklyn Rider confronts that process and its implications in "Healing Modes." Beethoven's music is preceded by newly commissioned music from Caroline Shaw and Gabriela Lena Frank, creating an experience that speaks to any time, but which is especially relevant during the current pandemic.

To join us for this event on Saturday, Oct. 3, at 2pm, visit Idagio's Global Concert Hall.

Following the performance, Brooklyn Rider will answer your questions live in the studio. To send a question, used the chat function on the Idagio video player during the event.