Listen to WCRB on your Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo - The first time, you'll need to enable the WCRB skill by saying "Alexa, enable the WCRB skill." This will allow your device to connect directly to our stream, avoiding third-party services that compress the sound.

After you've enabled the WCRB skill, whenever you want to listen, say "Alexa, open WCRB" and then "Alexa, listen live." You can also listen to our alternate streams after you've enabled the skill, by saying "Alexa, open WCRB" and then one of the following:

“Alexa, ask WCRB to play Boston early music.”
“Alexa, ask WCRB to play Bach.”
“Alexa, ask WCRB to play Boston Symphony Orchestra.”

If your device can't find the WCRB skill, open the Alexa app, go to the "Skills" section, and search for WCRB.

Google Home - Say "Ok Google, play WCRB." This will play our live stream through TuneIn, a third-party service. At this time there is no way to play WCRB's streams directly on a Google Home device.

If you experience technical difficulties listening to WCRB on a smart speaker, please send us an e-mail -

For other ways to hear WCRB, check out our Ways to Listen page.