A Balance of German Titanic Forces

Saturday, June 27, 2020
8:00 PM

Christian Zacharias is the conductor and pianist in Schumann's Introduction and Allegro appassionato, and he also leads Brahms's Serenade No. 2 and Schumann's Symphony No. 4.

Encore broadcast from November 23, 2019

Boston Symphony Orchestra
Christian Zacharias, pianist and conductor

BRAHMS Serenade No. 2
SCHUMANN Introduction and Allegro appassionato, for piano and orchestra
SCHUMANN Symphony No. 4

This concert is no longer available on demand.

Christian Zacharias talks with WCRB's Brian McCreath about the rewards of Brahms's Serenade No. 2, the challenges of the dual role of soloist and conductor in Schumann's Introduction and Allegro appasionato, and how Schumann's music transcends his personal challenges: