Hear the Last Recording of the Notre Dame Organ Before the Fire

Apr 19, 2019

You've never heard Bach's Toccata and Fugue like this. Also, the Lang Lang/Billy Joel collab we've all been waiting for, plus music for shelter dogs, and so much more, all in this link roundup!

1. Violinist Giora Schmidt struck a deal with an airline attendant: overhead baggage space, in exchange for a concert. 

2. 12-year-old violinist Lance Moon played the National Anthem for a crowd of thousands at a White Sox game last week:

3. Yo-Yo Ma took his Bach Project to the US-Mexico border, playing a concert to highlight the ways music can build bridges.

4. Lang Lang plus Billy Joel is the collab we've all been waiting for:

5. This cellist plays for shelter dogs to calm them down and get them ready for adoption:

6. Hawaii Symphony Orchestra musician Jamie Sanborn is looking for information about her stolen french horn, Lulu:

7. FYI:

8. Organist Olivier Latry's latest album, "Bach to the Future," was the last recording of the Notre Dame organ before this week's devastating fire. This video is incredible: