A Priceless "Wow" Moment in the Concert Hall

May 7, 2019

Earlier this month, we recorded the Handel and Haydn Society's season finale for WCRB In Concert, where it will air in the fall -- and we caught this unforgettable moment on tape.

A nine-year-old child gave voice to a reaction virtually all of the 2,500 people in Symphony Hall felt at the end of Mozart's Masonic Funeral Music, during a performance by the Handel and Haydn Society and conductor Harry Christophers. David Snead, Executive Director of H+H, was so moved by the moment that he sent an e-mail to subscribers to find the child and offer him and his family the chance to meet Christophers.

Read the whole story from WGBH News.

Hear the end of Mozart's Masonic Funeral Music, and the boy's reaction:

David Snead's message: