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Wang, Lartigau, and the BSO, in Messiaen's "Turangalîla-symphonie"

A collage of Yuja Wang and Cécile Lartigau. Wang sits on a black stool against a bright red background. She wears a black dress and black pumps. She has short black hair. She smiles and looks down. Lartigau sits on a pew and looks up at the camera. She wears a black long sleeve shirt. She has short brown hair and brown eyes.
Norbert Kniat: Wang; Emma Kélalèche: Lartigau
Courtesy of the Artists
Pianist Yuja Wang; ondes Martenot player Cécile Lartigau

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Encore broadcast on Monday, April 22

French composer Olivier Messiaen was famously synesthetic, “hearing” colors as harmony and seeing colors in sound. Turangalîla-smyphonie summed up the composer’s passions for nature, birdsong, Catholicism, Eastern philosophy and music, and romantic love as embodied in the legend of Tristan and Isolde. Andris Nelsons conducts, Yuja Wang plays the work’s substantial piano part, and Cécile Lartigau performs the rarely heard ondes Martenot, an electronic instrument invented in 1925.

Andris Nelsons, conductor 
Yuja Wang, piano 
Cécile Lartigau, ondes Martenot 

Olivier MESSIAEN Turangalîla-symphonie