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Rocking Out to Classical

Wikimedia Commons
Niccolò Paganini"

Classical music has been used countless times in TV commercials, shows, and movies, but what about in other genres of music?

It’s been so much fun these last few months seeing all these great instances of classical music in our daily lives. After the launch of #ClassicalAnywhere, the true ubiquity of classical music became hugely apparent.

I think my favorite examples are the quotations of classical music in other genres, especially rock. I had a great laugh a few weeks ago when watching the 1984 fiction “rockumentary” This Is Spinal Tap and coming across the Boccherini minuet smack in the middle of one of their notoriously inappropriate guitar solos. Also in that film, guitarist/songwriter Nigel Tufnel credits Mozart and Bach as large influences on his new rock trilogy, citing that the coalescence of these two resulted in a “Mach” piece.

There are also much more blatant examples of classical music finding its way to rock, my favorite being the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, which arranges classical works for a mid-size symphonic rock ensemble. I mean, how can you not love it? It’s Mozart, with lasers and headbanging. Check them out here:

I find it comforting in a way to know that classical really is so omnipresent. It has such an honest, organic quality that you just don’t find elsewhere, and its embedding into even the most unseemly of rock and heavy metal songs shows that it is universally enjoyed. Classical music may have evolved into many things over the years, but its core essence is here to stay, and I’m thrilled that this campaign taught me that.

Colin Brumley is the Music Director for CRB.