Colin Brumley

Associate Producer

Colin Brumley grew up in Duxbury, MA, a seaside suburb of Boston. As an active member of his high school wind and jazz ensembles, he performed at both Carnegie and Symphony Halls, sparking his affection for classical music. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music History and Analysis and a Minor in Saxophone Performance from Northeastern University. At Northeastern, he hosted a weekly radio show called The Pöwer Höur, exploring music ranging from classical to heavy metal. Before professionally entering the world of radio, Colin worked in music licensing, in organizations in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Wall Street. Outside of work, he enjoys his role as guitarist and songwriter for his heavy metal band, which is signed to his own label. Other than music, his interests include cooking, writing, and the New England Patriots.

Frank Oglesby
Courtesy of Frank Oglesby

One of Boston's most famous voices is on our airwaves around the clock, but you've probably never noticed it.

This Labor Day Weekend, WCRB is celebrating the alphabet of composers with an A to Z weekend - a piece by a composer whose name starts with A, then B, and so on through Z, more than 10 times throughout Labor Day Weekend.

No, that’s not Photoshopped – that is Igor Stravinsky at the Boston Police Department in 1940. There is a legendary tale of the Russian composer’s run-in with BPD after performing his controversial arrangement of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” but first, some background information is needed.

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Classical music has been used countless times in TV commercials, shows, and movies, but what about in other genres of music?

"Silence" is defined as "the absence of any sound or noise; stillness," but is it really achievable?