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Fall Concert Highlights: Imported Goodies

Photo of Ian Bostridge by Sim Canetty-Clark; of Simon Rattle by Johann Sebastian Hanel; of Ton Koopman courtesy of the artist
Tenor Ian Bostridge (left), conductor Simon Rattle (top right), & conductor Ton Koopman (bottom right)

As always, this Fall there are an astonishing number of spectacular classical music concert events happening in Boston. It might actually be impossible to get to them all without some Harry Potter magic. But, in the coming days I will blog on events that without a doubt I will be in the audience for. First up, these three must see "imported goodies."

Credit Sim Canetty-Clark

1. Schubert's Winterreise with Tenor Ian Bostridge and Pianist Thomas Adès (presented by Celebrity Series of Boston)

When: Friday October 28, 8:00pm

Where: New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall


I cannot wait for this concert. I will be firmly planted in my seat at Jordan Hall on the 28th, and if the concert ran for 10 more nights, I would be there for those too. Why? Well, for one thing, it is not often that you get to see Winterreise, in its entirety, with a singer of Ian Bostridge's caliber.

That brings up point two: Ian Bostridge is obsessed with this work. Literally. He wrote a 500-page book titled "Schubert's Winter Journey: Anatomy of an Obsession" (and it's amazing). Winterreise is what Bostridge is known for. Plus he's teaming up with the triple threat composer/conductor/pianist Thomas Adès for this concert. Trust me, go see it. 

Learn more about this concert from the Celebrity Series of Boston

Credit Johann Sebastian Hanel

2. The Berlin Philharmonic and Simon Rattle (presented by Celebrity Series of Boston)

When: Friday, November 11, 8:00pm

Where: Symphony Hall

Anytime you get to see this powerhouse orchestra in person is good time to see them. But this trip is particularly special: The Berlin Philharmonic-Simon Rattle unit haven't been in town since November, 2009, and after this coming November, you're unlikely to see Rattle lead the Berlin Phil in Boston again. That's because in 2018, Simon Rattle will hand the keys to the Phil over to conductor Kirill Petrenko, after 16 years of service. So, needless to say... get thee to this concert!

Learn more about this concert from the Celebrity Series of Boston

Credit Courtesy of the artist

3. Bach B-Minor Mass with Ton Koopman and Juilliard415 (presented by BEMF)

When: Friday, November 18, 8:00 pm

Where: St. Paul Church, Cambridge

Ok, really, you ought to catch all the "imported goodies" that Boston Early Music Festival (BEMF) is bringing to Boston this Fall (Fretwork + soprano Susie LeBlanc, October 7; Fortepiano wizardKristian Bezuidenhout, October 28). But when a legendary practitioner like Ton Koopman comes to Boston to take the the reins of the Bach B-minor Mass, you go see it. Period. Not to mention that this year in Boston, you will have the unique opportunity to catch no fewer than four versions of the B-minor Mass, as Boston Baroque, the Boston Symphony, and the Cantata Singers will each present this masterpiece in the coming months. Too much B-minor? Nah. Never too much B-minor.

Learn more about this concert from the Boston Early Music Festival

Chris Voss is the Weekday Afternoon Host and a Producer for CRB.