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Ravel's Adventures at War

Ravel's adventures in World War I.
Greg Ferrisi
Courtesy of the artist.
Ravel's adventures in World War I.

Maurice Ravel's experiences in World War One influenced at least one piece of music he composed — "Le Tombeau de Couperin." The piece serves as a lasting tribute to friends lost in war.

More than 100 years ago, a musician and composer — long in the tooth, but full of fight — went to war alongside friends and countrymen.

Maurice Ravel came back. Others did not.

It's a story that echoes through each generation of war-fighter. In World War II, Korea, Vietnam, The Gulf Wars, Afghanistan — daily in Ukraine — some go home, others don't.

For Ravel and other musicians, composers, painters, writers, singers — artists all — the only answer for the pain of coming back was to turn to art.

And in so doing, memorialize those who couldn't.

Greg is the weekday afternoon host on WCRB.