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Gregory Ferrisi, WCRB on air host, poses for a photo at the GBH studios in Boston on Nov. 16, 2022.

Greg Ferrisi

Host and Producer

Greg returns to the Boston area after a decade spent with his wife and kids in southeastern Oklahoma. While there, he got his start in radio as morning drive host for country music station KKBI, in Broken Bow, OK. A native of Plymouth, MA, and graduate of Boston University, Greg grew up watching WGBH and is happy to have found a home with WCRB.

  • While the mystery of why Franz Schubert left his Symphony No. 8 unfinished may never be fully solved, one thing is clear: the power and beauty of the music he did complete continues to captivate and inspire audiences today.
  • Composer Georg Handel might be best known today for his "Messiah," but with his fiery temper, Handel could be quite the monster.
  • It's said that behind every great man, there's a great woman. And for Mozart, it turns out, that great woman was also a great storyteller.
  • Legend tells of a musician- and composer-turned-spy who might possibly have saved Queen Elizabeth. Or maybe he just wanted to cover his own butt...
  • Maurice Ravel's experiences in World War One influenced at least one piece of music he composed — "Le Tombeau de Couperin." The piece serves as a lasting tribute to friends lost in war.