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A Tale as Old as Time...

Mozart's night of stories.

It's said that behind every great man, there's a great woman. And for Mozart, it turns out, that great woman was also a great storyteller.


Some say our brains are hard-wired for it. We learn through stories, pass on tradition through stories, and — as legend has it — we pull all-nighters composing opera overtures with the help of loving wives telling us stories.

Or Mozart did, anyway. Maybe.

Although researchers say Mozart did not, in fact, write the overture to Don Giovanni in one night, I choose to believe that for one glorious night, Constanze Mozart regaled her husband with the most magical tales she could tell.

And lots of strong, black coffee.

True or not, it's a story worth passing on...

(Hat tip to weekend CRB host Katie Ladrigan for the tale!)

Greg is the weekday afternoon host on WCRB.