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Turner Conducts Bach's "St. Mark Passion"

April 9

In J.S. Bach's obituary, published by his son C.P.E. Bach, a catalog of his works included "Five passions, including one for two choirs." To this day, only two complete passions have been located. On this week's "In Concert," Boston's Emmanuel Music plays a reconstruction of one of the works thought to be lost. 

Emmanuel Music
Ryan Turner, conductor

J.S. Bach - St. Mark Passion


Kendra Colton, Rebecca Whittington (Maid), and Susan Consoli, sopranos
Deborah Rentz-Moore (Judas), Pamela Dellal, and Margaret Lias (Centurion), altos
Jason McStoots (Evangelist), Frank Kelley, (Peter) and Charles Blandy (Pilate), tenors
Mark McSweeney (Jesus), Paul Guttry (High Priest), Dana Whiteside (Soldier), and David Tinervia, basses

Emmanuel Music, Ryan Turner, conductor

Recorded on March 19, 2016 at Emmanuel Church, Boston.

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