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A Pair of Early Music Concerts from BEMF 2017

Nevermind and Concerto Palatino
Nevermind and Concerto Palatino

On WCRB In Concert with the Boston Early Music Festival, French ensemble Nevermind performs music by Bach, Telemann, and Couperin, and Venetian Renaissance works echo through performances by Concerto Palatino.

April 15, 2018
7:00 PM

Recorded June 16 and 17, 2017

Concerto Palatino

Bruce Dickey and Charles Toet, directors


Anna Besson, flute
Louis Creac'h, violin
Robin Pharo, viola da gamba
Jean Rondeau, harpsichord

This concert is no longer available on demand.


On the program:

Telemann - Paris Quartet No. 4 in B minor (Nevermind)

Giovanni Gabrieli - Canzon primi toni a 8 and Canzon V a 7 (Concerto Palatino)

Massaino - Congratulamini mihi omnes a 5 voci alti; Conserva fili a 6; O quam speciosa a 7 (Concerto Palatino)

François Couperin - Les Nations, Quatrième Ordre, La Piémontoise – Sonade (Nevermind)

Grillo - Canzon terza a 8 (Concerto Palatino)

Giovanni Gabrieli - Canzon II a 8 (Concerto Palatino)

Quentin - Concerto in four parts, Op. 12 – Largo (Nevermind)

Quentin - Quartet, Sonata III, Op. 15 (Nevermind)

Usper - Sonata a 8 con 4 soprani e 4 tromboni (Concerto Palatino)

Giovanni Gabrieli - Canzon VI a 7 (Concerto Palatino)

Bach - Sonata in C major, BWV 529 (Nevermind)

Telemann - Fugue in A minor, TWV 30:14 (Nevermind)

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