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The Tanglewood Learning Institute Announces Inaugural Director

Sue Elliott has been appointed as the Director of the Tanglewood Learning Institute, a new initiative that launches in the summer of 2019.

Based in a brand new four-building complex currently under construction at the Tanglewood campus, the Tanglewood Learning Institute (TLI) will offer year-round programming that deepens the connections between music and audiences.

In a conversation at Tanglewood, Sue Elliott, the Judith and Stewart Colton Director of the Tanglewood Learning Institute, described the vision of TLI and how her own background prepared her to step into this role:

Learn more about the new buildings that will house TLI

According to a press release from the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the first season of the TLI in 2019 "will revolve around four different carefully structured and curated weekend programs to include all or any combination of the following: talks and lectures, film presentations, panel discussions, master class and rehearsal access, musical demonstrations, and workshops, as well as other related activities drawing upon the themes of the weekend’s musical performances, including concerts by the Boston Symphony and Tanglewood Music Center orchestras taking place in the Shed.”

In addition, the BSO announced the Tanglewood Forever fundraising campaign. Led by Cynthia Curme, the campaign will aim to raise $64 million in support of the new buildings, TLI programming, and further enhancements of the Tanglewood campus and Seiji Ozawa Hall.

In a statement, Ms. Curme said, "Tanglewood has been an essential part of my life, and my family's life, for over thirty years. I am honored to chair the Tanglewood Forever Campaign which will enhance the Tanglewood experience for everyone today and far into the future.  Friends and family who were brought to Tanglewood by their grandparents are now bringing their own grandchildren to enjoy the blend of music, nature, community, and learning.  We look to our wonderful friends, patrons, and generous donors whose lives have been immeasurably enriched by Tanglewood, to help pass this great gift along to future generations."

Brian McCreath is the Director of Production for CRB.