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This Sausage Piano is the "Wurst"

Sausages on a grill
Kaboompics on
Sausages on a grill

What's happening on (and off) the classical music internet this week? Super Mario for cello, Flight of the Bumblebee for watering can, and, yeah, a piano made out of sausages. 

1. Super Mario for three cellos and egg shaker? We're into it:

The rest of cellist Samara Ginsberg's YouTube channel is also great. Just check out her Duck Tales cover:

2. Three local arts organizations are finding ways to keep the spirit of live music, well, alive, from opera in Boston's North End to music readings in Brookline to even more opera in the video game Animal Crossing.

3. The great organ in Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral is being disassembled pipe by pipe for cleaning and repairs, a process that will take four years to complete. (Lucky for us, while the organ won't be played live for the next few years, we can still hear it in recordings, like this one by Olivier Latry.)

4. In the absence of concerts to prepare for, San Francisco Opera's costumes crew has been sewing PPE masks for the past few months. As of July 31, they announced that they have made over 10,000. Bravi tutti!

5. Trombonist and brass teacher Martyn Stroud presents: the Flight of the Bumblebee, arranged for watering can:

6. You know the "ta-tum" sound that plays at the beginning of everything you watch on Netflix? That's their sonic identity, and it was picked from a variety of other sounds, such as... a goat's bleat. Oh, yeah, and the longer sound you hear when you're watching a Netflix Original? Composed by none other than Hans Zimmer. (We have a sonic identity, too. You can read about our sounders here.)


7. Just when we thought we'd seen it all, here's a working piano made from German sausages:

As one commenter said, "That's the wurst piano I've ever heard." Har har.

Kendall Todd is the Content Manager for GBH Music.