link roundup

Link roundup is a weekly list of fun, weird, and just plain interesting things that you might not have seen before, from all corners of the classical music internet.

Sausages on a grill
Kaboompics on

What's happening on (and off) the classical music internet this week? Super Mario for cello, Flight of the Bumblebee for watering can, and, yeah, a piano made out of sausages. 

Kirill Gerstein speaks with Ivan Fischer about the future of  classical music, a floating piano brings concerts to France's lakes and rivers, and Rachel Barton Pine hosts a family story time, all in this roundup. Let's go!

Screenshot from the video game "Animal Crossing: New Horizons." Pictured: two cartoon children dressed in rags, singing in front of a house made of logs.
Due Donne Opera Company

Also in this roundup: classical charades, musical (non-medical) masks, and the Russian National Orchestra's dolphin charmer.

Check out these stories about a digital artist's lifelike composer portraits, a pianist duetting with a noisy cat, drive-in concerts, and more!

Screenshot from "Somebody That I Used To Know (Bardcore/Medieval Style Cover with Vocals)"
Hildegard von Blingin'

This week's roundup features a herculean sonata-ranking effort, Max Richter's meditation app, plants, robots, and, yeah, Hildegard von Blingin'.