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Family Drama in Bach's "Coffee" Cantata

cup of coffee with decorative frothed milk sitting on a rustic wooden table
Jonas Jacobsson

On The Bach Hour, one of the composer's frothier musical creations tells the story of a father, his daughter, and a hot caffeinated beverage that causes a minor rift in family relations.

On the program:

Chorale Partita BWV 767 O Gott, du frommer Gott - Matthias Eisenberg, organ (Jehmlich organ, with porcelain pipes, at the Meissen Porcelain factory, Meissen, Germany)

Cantata BWV 211 Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht (Coffee Cantata) (translation) - Anne Grimm, soprano (Liesgen); Paul Agnew, tenor; Klaus Mertens (Herr Schlendrian); Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, Ton Koopman, conductor

Concerto in C for two keyboards, BWV 1061 - Anderson & Roe Piano Duo

selection from Pastorale in F, BWV 590 - Matthias Eisenberg, organ