Anderson and Roe

Ton Koopman
courtesy of the artist

Ton Koopman leads the Cantata No. 86, a piece that embodies the contrasting and complimentary sides of the composer's musical expression on The Bach Hour.

A.B., via Wikimedia Commons

Soprano Malin Hartelius sings the Cantata 51, one of Bach's flashiest works, but one with a deep intimacy embedded within.

From the Sacred to the Saucy with Anderson & Roe

May 7, 2018
Anderon & Roe Piano Duo
Lisa Marie Mazzucco

On WCRB's CD of the Week, the Anderson & Roe Piano Duo's latest recording whispers, sings, and rocks out in honor of mothers. Classical masterpieces and legendary popular songs get treated with the intelligent love that makes this duo so enduring.

3268zauber, via Wikimedia Commons

This week on The Bach Hour, hear an organ with porcelain pipes, a concerto played by Anderson and Roe, and a cantata about a young girl's love for coffee.