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Festival 1750

Courtesies of Boston Baroque, The Handel and Haydn Society, and BEMF (2)
Boston Baroque with Aldo Abreu and Priscilla Herreid; Aisslinn Nosky and H+H; Nevermind; Boston Early Music Festival Chamber Ensemble

WCRB takes you to the concert halls of three of Boston's cornerstone music organizations, with weeknight performances from Boston Baroque, the Handel and Haydn Society, and the Boston Early Music Festival.

During these extraordinary times of dark concert halls, Classical Radio Boston keeps you connected to the community of live performances with a series of 9pm concert broadcasts, beginning Monday, April 20, and continuing each weeknight through Friday, May 1.

Bringing together some of the most electrically charged and serenely beautiful concerts of the last few years, each evening features one of three invaluable organizations who enliven Boston's musical life, including the Handel and Haydn Society, theBoston Early Music Festival, and Boston Baroque.

The broadcast festival features music created immediately before and after the pivotal year of 1750, when the elaborate vibrancy of Baroque masters Bach and Handel began to give way to the grace and proportions of composers like Haydn and Mozart.

Join us Mondays through Fridays, April 20-May 1, at 9pm for these stellar performances:

April 20 - The Handel and Haydn Society period instrument orchestra performs Mozart, Weber, and Beethoven at Symphony Hall in Boston

April 21 - French ensemble Nevermind at the Boston Early Music Festival

April 22 - Martin Pearlman leads Boston Baroque in a concert to celebrate New Year's Day 2019

April 23 - Bach's Brandenburgs, with the Handel and Haydn Society

April 24 - The Boston Early Music Festival Orchestra performs "Dreams and Monsters"

April 27 - "The Glories of the Italian Baroque," from the Handel and Haydn Society

April 28 - Martin Pearlman leads Boston Baroque in works by Mozart and Beethoven

April 29 - "Dreams of a Wounded Musketeer," from ACRONYM at the Boston Early Music Festival

April 30 - Boston Baroque celebrates New Year's Day 2020 with music by Bach, Vivaldi, Corelli, and Rameau

May 1 - In a compilation broadcast to bring Festival 1750 to a close, the Handel and Haydn Society plays Bach, Stile Antico sings a Boston Early Music Festival concert, and Boston Baroque performs Handel